Welcome to the JULS OJS Manuscript Submission System!

JULS Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a submission platform with integrated editorial workflows between authors, editors, and reviewers. JULS is introducing OJS for the 2019-2020 academic year in support of our new initiatives, including our rolling submission policy. Implementation of OJS facilitates better communication, quicker reviewer times, and comprehensive documentation of the editorial process. OJS is an initiative of the Public Knowledge Project, with institutional anchors at Stanford University and Simon Fraser University Library. For more information about OJS, please visit pkp.sfu.ca/ojs.

To make a submission, please register a new OJS account at the links above. Be prepared with all the materials and files necessary for your submission. To see guidelines on what you will need, as well as stylistic requirements for JULS submissions, please visit juls.ca/submissions.

The editorial staff at JULS look forward to supporting your submissions towards publication. Please contact our team at juls@utoronto.ca for questions and technical support.